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unfollowing people because they make you uncomfortable is totally ok 

if you feel youre obliged to follow someone out of fear they might harass you for unfollowing them then you should probably block them and unfollow anyways because thats unhealthy and frankly if a person gets mad for someone unfollowing them then thats uh really dumb tbh

also the biggest thing is YOU CAN STILL BE FRIENDS AND NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW THEM mutual following is NOT the only and or biggest, strongest indicator of friendship and if thats how you view friendship then um there are other ways to stay in contact

ive lost friendships/been harassed by unfollowing people but if they value your following status over friendship then theyre probably not worth it :o)

The delights of communicating through text~
  • Send an ✉ for an drunk text
  • Send an ✘ for an unsent text
  • Send an ☠ for a threatening message
  • Send an ❤ for a lusty/loving/affectionate message
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… Okay, that SHOULD do me for feels for the next couple of days.

Maybe now I can focus on essay. Tomorrow. 

[[I can’t get Ganto to stop looking like Kirrahe and that kind of really weirds me out. xD He’s browner and has face markings and different spots and eyes but STILL. AAEIHGEAOIHEPH]]

[[I feel like reblagging this because morning, and I’m happy with it ;A; ]]

((I’m sorry, is it wrong Sirrit looks pregnant to me in this?))  

((Yes, I realize there’s more than one reason that that’s impossible XD.))  

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